project Clive


Clive is back from his travels and going back to work. Clive had fun while he was away.

Clive is going back to work on the crowded public transport system.


Clive scans the faces on his daily commute. Some read the free print, some vacantly stare into the middle distance – which is impressive in a tunnel. Most are illuminated by an eerie blue glow. Lots of little islands. Everyone just trying to get by.

blue glow

Everyone is doing their best to ignore everything going on around them.



Clive has had a difficult couple years. Clive isn’t better but the choices he had in the system were to fall completely or save himself. It was sad truth of life in the city. No one was coming to save Clive. No one was coming to make things magically better. The system on mental health didn’t work. Clive was lucky he had a few friends to help him.

Clive is sorry you got this far with his blog but there isn’t a happy ending. Then again Clive also thinks this is real life.