project Clive

How Clive Started Drinking

Stacey is Clive’s ex.

Stacey and Clive married while Clive was training to be a storm trooper. Clive loved Stacey very much.


Stacey always used to complain that all the other storm troopers got more leave than Clive. That’s the only reason he took the post on the Forest Moon of Endour, so he could be closer to Stacey.

Clive didn’t have a problem was Ewoks he was just on the engineering Corp. Clive just likes to build things.

Clive ended up missing Stacey’s birthday – head office had moved forward the deadline for getting the shield generator commissioned, and Clive was lead engineer on the generator project. He didn’t set the deadlines. She refused to understand.

When Clive got home after the redundancy he found out that Stacey had been having an affair with Steve.


His underlying depression really got out of hand. He had lost his job, his wife and his arm and all for less money than a graduate investment banker makes in a week.

So much for believing in what you do.